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Events in the Mas de Pedrafita

The Mas de Pedrafita has stood for more than five centuries, on the current Malloles road, halfway between Igualada and Prats de Rei. This country house is situated in a privileged natural environment, between the open fields of the Rubió valley, with views of the Pyrenees.

In recent years it has been adapted to current needs, rehabilitating it with architecture that combines the modern appearance of its new features, with the utmost respect for the older stones.

The result of this is the new Mas de Pedrafita, a 1,200m2 country house, full of nooks and unique rooms, a new restaurant, a bar in an old field house and an exceptional environment capable of hosting any of the dreams and events that you could imagine: weddings, private dinners, communions, business meetings, concerts, etc.

BV-1031 KM. 6,5
08719 Rubió